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FATAL DATES, my new show / podcast / video podcast will launch on November 1 with Sublation Media. Check out my new site for this project here. Every fortnight I'll go on a date to explore real connection in an unreal world. I'll talk to my guests about love, lovelessness, seduction, tech, porn, dating sites and other apps, the gorgeous images that wallpaper our lives and bleed into private desire, the history of emotions, digital capitalism, ancient problems between men and women etc.

Hovering over proceedings will be Jean Baudrillard, or the Baudrillard books I've read over the past few years, including THE PERFECT CRIME, SEDUCTION, FATAL STRATEGIES, THE AGONY OF POWER, FORGET FOUCAULT & SIMULACRA & SIMULATION. Don't let that put you off. I will be pursuing the strategy of the object, as you can tell from this title sequence:


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